Why Do We Travel

Despite being burned by my last trip overseas, I am getting to the point where I want to travel again. But I have to ask myself why.


One 3 letter word ends up being a rather big question. Why do we travel? For myself, it is almost always for missions work. I don’t travel for myself. I travel to bring glory to God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, my travel is a lot more people oriented and a lot less place oriented. The destination doesn’t matter as much as the ministry I will be working with. When I am out of the country, I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer. I am not taking pictures of my food, locations, or self unless it is relevant to the story that is being told. Whether it is the actual story I came to work on or the story behind the scenes, the story has to be something more than “hey look at me! I’m in another country. isn’t my life so glamorous?” I see this attitude more than I am willing to admit, whether it is intentional or not.

I recently had a student working with a ministry in Eastern Europe over the summer. It was a great opportunity. However, I noticed most of there photos and updates revolved heavily around themselves. That’s a bit of an issue