The Big Move

You may have noticed that my site is a little different. Then again, I haven’t posted, updated, or promoted my site in over a year. I want to do more with my websites. But trying to constantly come up with new posts just seems to burn me out. And yet, I need to do something with this.

So I moved all of my sites off of WordPress .com to a self hosted service (I got an incredible deal) and decided to revamp them.

My big focus is going to be on The Kilted Artist. That’s the brand and persona only feel I need to push. It’s the one I think I can do the most good with.

However, I find it necessary to keep The Kilted Artist separate from this site. The focus here will be more of a portfolio website. Something that can be shared in a more professional manner.

It is some exciting stuff. And with my life feeling like it is in a time of waiting, I need to do something. I may have to be patient while waiting for God to lead me to the correct path, but that doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing. It has been a time of discovery as well as a time of frustration.

So we will wait and see.