Choice Cuts

A friend of mine noted that I was hard on myself in the last post. And she is right. But that is because I expect better out of myself. Let’s face it, self shooting is hard. It is harder if you want to do it well.

I feel the next two are a large improvement over the last. Perfect? Ha, never. But they are a large improvement. They are more fun, more entertaining.

The biggest challenge I deal with is space. My kitchen is just so small. I cannot get the angles I want. I cannot get the exact shots I want. I’m doing the best with what I’ve got. Low and behold, some of my shots are better than some professional TV cooking shows. Then again, I have a much higher emphasis on b-roll than most.

Great shots first. Informative second.

Again, I don’t make these thinking others will watch. In fact, I am surprised when people enjoy them. I am filming these for my own benefit and creative improvement. These cooking videos are a lot of hard frustrating work, but they have been worth it in the end. It has gone a long way in helping me fight depression. It also pushes me to improve my videography and editing skills, learn new skills, and cook better more interesting dishes.

The chicken cutlet tortas may be a new favorite recipe. The kung pao chicken is a tried and true classic i enjoy. I do hope you enjoy the videos!