Trial by Frying

For the Recipe:

My creative experiment continues. I once again want to reiterate that i am doing these videos for my own benefit, not for the views or to make it big on YouTube. I’m simply not at the level I think I should be at as a filmmaker. This one was filmed RIGHT AFTER I finished filming the Madeleines. I think there were a few improvements over the last video, but I made the mistake of not charging my gopro and yi action cameras between takes, and didnt have spare batteries at the ready for my other 2 cameras

That means ironing out the wrinkles. And the big wrinkle in this one was pacing of the edit. Granted this recipe was rather involved and took a bit of work to keep it under 5 minutes (which is my over all goal). The beginning of the cooking montage was almost too quick and too much VO. I don’t have the rhythm down. It also comes down to that I had almost 2 weeks to edit the first video. I had only a week to edit this one. I was able to fix this to some extent after i first exported the video.

My voice over feels more like an afterthought, not so much in execution as much as in planning. I am starting to realize I need to cut the VO first and edit around in, instead of trying to fit the voice over into the edit. The issue here is that I don’t know what I need to VO until I edit, as I often deviate a little from the recipe.

It was also a challenge to film the intro and conclusion. Something else I need to improve. This intro is actually the 3rd one I attempted.

This one was just a challenge to edit. From creating music from loops, to filming myself, to trying to find the correct pacing. While I think I have some better footage compared to the first one, over all I do not feel it’s my best video.

I need to do better next time.