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Another job interview down, another rejection email basically saying i’m unqualified for a position I am in fact qualified. There are just always better candidates. These days especially, with so many videographers and filmmakers out of work. The larger churches can be picky.

I have a job, thankfully. It is part time, but I still have a job. I work for a church doing video and media work. It is what I love. However, i do not feel creatively challenged. My skills have stagnated. My current work is cookie cutter, and i feel as if I have little to show for my abilities.

Yet it is hard to improve if there is no opportunity to improve. Covid has not made it easy for photographers and filmmakers. It has, on the other hand improved my cooking skills. I was already a decent cook, but I have had the opportunity to explore new recipes. This was a good time to experiment with food photography as well. But why stop there? I have all this camera gear collecting dust, why not film cooking videos? It’s not like I have anything else to work on, and cooking is almost equal of a passion as cameras these days. Why not mix the two?

I admit, the first few videos are going to be a little rough. They are going to be awkward. Self shooting is very difficult. It is even harder to do it well and make it look professional (I’m trying to do something different than how vloggers do it). Trial and error, but things will improve. I will get more comfortable on camera. I will get the framing right in my cramped little kitchen, and I will experiment with different lighting, editing, and motion graphics techniques.

Will I gain a following? Probably not. Will people like them? Don’t care, but it would be nice. This is all about improving my skills, and you are invited along for the ride.