On the Job: Sunday Lighting (“Jesus Paid it All”)

One of my main tasks at The Chapel Fort Wayne is lighting design. Turns out that I enjoy it. I have a lot of room to play. For me, in this scenario, lighting design is all about atmosphere. It is a difficult balance of lighting for IMAG/livestream vs for a live service. With the lighting we are trying to put less emphasis on the singers and more on worshiping God. Less intensity, but more color. As a result, my cam ops have to crank the ISO on their cameras. Not a huge issue with the Sony Alpha series cameras we use for live (yeah, we use mirrorless still cameras for livestreaming). The gimbal operators on stage are able to play off the lights for a nice effect.

This video doesn’t do my design work much justice. And yet, it still makes for interesting footage at the very least.

Because it is an old hymn, I decided to keep the lighting simple. Blue for the main and red/orange/gold for an accent color/ Only during the bridge did I make any changes, and that was just splashing some pin lights on the walls around the sanctuary. Simple, but when mixed with music, very effective.