New Year’s Resolutions: Smarter, Stronger, Faster Deadlier

As you have seen in my previous post, this past year was not a good year. With that being said, this year ended on a high note.

Still, there were some things I had wanted to accomplish in 2016 that I just didn’t. Some of it is the typical stuff such as lose weight, work out, eat better, etc. I had also wanted to learn a few new skills. Despite having the learning materials to learn said skills…I haven’t.

Well, this year that is going to change.


I value intellect. I also value understanding, empathy, and pattern recognition. These things, for me at least go hand in hand. I have certain goals in the Smarter goal:

  1. Create more. I have a children’s picture book I am working on, a novel I am writing, learning graphic design, 3D modeling, etc as well as improve my photo/video skills with some attention in the areas of lighting and compositing.
  2. Learn to draw. I have several Udemy courses in this area. I have some skill, but have never been patient enough with myself to developed it.
  3. Learn to program. My original goal for 2016…
  4. Get my next 2 IT certifications. Hoping to get my Network + by June and Security + by November. Again, originally 2026 goals.
  5. Read my Bible more. I’m bad at this one. Need to get better at it being a youth pastor and all.
  6. Learn 12 new dishes, refine the ones I know.
  7. Read more.
  8. Learn a new language. Work on German, perhaps improve my French while I am at it.


I’m a weak pasty white nerd boy. Athletics never been my thing.

  1. Lose weight. America makes me fat.
  2. Increase upper body strength. I will be using a combination of different methods.
  3. Learn self defense. I may be mostly pacifist, but that doesn’t stop me from learning how to defend myself and others.
  4. Streghten my faith and religious beliefs.
  5. Improve my understanding of people.
  6. Increase mental strength. Don’t let my depression gain the upper hand as easily.


  1. Train for and run a 5k.
  2. Possibly improve reflexes.
  3. Quicker and more organized in thoughts, being able to examine details more quickly and accurately.


This is just simply the combination of everything above combined into one bald, bearded, and odd package.