Confessions of an Introvert – Introduction

I feel like I have a lot to say. Sometimes, though, I cannot fit everything into a single post. If I do, it all gets a bit muddled. Heck, I can’t keep everything in one blog. Hence why I have 3.

I am an introvert. Not the popular internet version of the introvert. The internet thinks we just want to be alone and read books or watch netflix. That isn’t true. Introverts have an internal world of sorts. We comprehend and interact with the world through internal processes. Due to our rather internal nature, large groups and social interaction can drain us. We need to escape and recharge when our social energy is drained.

That is the briefest and broadest way I can describe it. That is by no means an in depth explanation.

There is much more to being an introvert to that.

There is much more to me than that.

There is an entire internal process that cannot be explained. Some will not know what it is like to have a mind that is in constant motion, racing in 10 different directions going 100 miles per hour. Some cannot imagine the loneliness that is caused by being an internal being. Some cannot comprehend the silence, and the comfort of being left to ones own thoughts.

Few will truly understand the blessing and the curse of being an introvert.